A restaurant's image is so impactful to it's success, and the visual presentation that people see changes their perception of the brand. I have lots of experience designing menus and logos, and am greatly skilled with Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator, as well as Procreate for iPad. The following areas are where I can help your business grow and find it's brand identity:

  • Curated Instagram & Facebook posts

  • Social Media post scheduling with platforms like Feedly and Sprout Social

  • Personalized branded packaging & packaging

  • Menu engineering to highlight high-performing dishes and eliminate poor-performing ones

  • Menu design in the line with the concept 

  • Web design

  • Social media raffles to engage users

  • Mouthwatering photography and video footage through collaboration with trusted photographers

  • Finding and determining local foodie influencers that will help you reach a broader audience, and working with them to create relevant content 

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After having worked in hospitality marketing, quick service pizza restaurant, upscale night clubs, luxury and boutique hotels, as well as luxury concierge company, I have seen the industry from every perspective. This has allowed me to develop a very sharp eye for what works, and what doesn't. Given the changing nature of the restaurant industry, it is vital to find additional ways to bring in revenue.

This includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Selling merchandise and creating a lifestyle behind your brand

  • Expanding your reach through delivery services 

  • Being prepared for catering and/or events

  • Collaborating with purveyors for pop-up experiences

  • Selling unique condiments, sauces, spices, or other goods in the same product category

  • Providing customers with a curated grocery box accompanied by video instruction on how to make recipes at home

Monetize your brand

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More than ever, consumers are turning to online delivery options for dining, and this brings new opportunities for existing brick & mortar restaurants to increase sales and reach new audiences.

The process of setting up a virtual kitchen & creating a digital restaurant can be daunting, there are many food tech startups in the space. However, with my experience and knowledge, I can help you achieve the following:

  • Create and design menus that are delivery-friendly

  • Repurpose your inventory to make delivery-ready meals

  • Streamlining POS to receive food orders from multiple 3rd-party delivery services

  • Launching new food concepts out of your existing kitchen, entirely for the digital experience

  • Negotiating with food tech companies 


Pandemic era

The CDC has set guidelines on how to properly socially distance, and those rules apply to brick & mortar restaurants. In order to comply with regulations, I have set out a comprehensive guideline on how to mitigate risk and pivot the operational flow to thrive within the new norm. More info here.

The recommendations and suggestions set out by the CDC and local authorities are meant to serve as a guideline on how to move forward, but those can be difficult to translate into actionable measures for your specific operation.

I will examine your operations to see what works best or you. For example, setting up QR code for contactless menu viewing and payment, optimizing menu items to be delivery-friendly, detailed checklists to upkeep sanitization efforts, keeping employees accountable so they adhere to new rules etc.

Contact me to make your Food & Beverage establishment survive and thrive.