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I draw the majority of my cooking influence from Mexican, Peruvian, Spanish, Italian, Persian, Lebanese & Japanese cuisine. I have always strived to expand my horizons, and constantly look to learn new cuisines and techniques. 



Quality of ingredients and presentation are of utmost importance to me and I seek to bring that to any event I cater, be that canapé style or buffet. Generally, I am very open to discuss what the needs of the specific event are and adapt a menu depending on the nature of the event.

Private Dining / Tasting Menu

In order to introduce people to new flavors and the influences that have guided my culinary journey, I have prepared an exquisite tasting menu that can be tailored to your preferences.

Additionally, private dinners with family-style meals are is a form of dining I grew up with in Persian culture and especially grew to love from the Tapas culture of Spain, and can also accommodate those needs.


Workshops & Cooking Classes

If there's one thing I have really grown to love in hospitality, it's the human connection and interaction that it facilitates. One thing I enjoy more than anything is to share my recipes and secrets with people and teach them how to make healthy, delicious food. Additionally, in this way they can connect more with their food and understand how the nutritional value of what they're eating affects their bodies and ultimately, mindset.

I have plenty of fun, healthy, scrumptious recipes I am willing to share with you, to show you that it is not as daunting of a task as you may believe.

Contact me today if you are interested in any of the above services, or to collaborate.